Lion’s Mane


As a leading Nootropic agent and natural supplement for brain enhancement today, Lion’s Mane mushroom has shown to have the potential to support lasting improvement of brain functionality and to enhance neurogenesis, the growth and development of nerve tissue.

Lion’s Mane (botanically termed Hericium Erinaceus and commonly called Satyr’s Beard) occurs naturally in China, Japan, North America and Europe. This versatile mushroom has been used as a remedy for many varied ailments throughout many centuries. However, its pronounced effects on brain activity have long been noted.

In fact, ancient medical practitioners used this mushroom as a treatment aid for degenerative diseases and conditions of the central nervous system. Even diseases and disorders that were not curable responded to some degree with use of certain herbal agents and other natural plant extracts. Disease symptoms were often alleviated or inhibited somewhat by use of these organic substances.

During the last decade, more has been learned about the versatile properties of Lion’s Mane. The most important discovery is this pure, organic substance’s capacity to raise brain levels of the protein NGF, which nurtures nerve cells in the body. Increased amounts of NGF in the brain also enhance brain health and functionality. This leads to improved transmissions of signals from the brain to nerve cells throughout the body and boosts nerve cellular growth and activity.

Although Lion’s Mane also possesses properties that may be helpful to treating a wide range of health conditions, from heart ailments to obesity and tumor formations, it is known mainly as a highly effective neuroprotectant. This powerful and versatile enhancer of brain activity and cognition is constantly growing in popular use as a highly desirable health supplement.

Benefits and Effects

Valuable benefits and effects of the unique nootropic mushroom of Lion’s Mane include the following health-enhancing capacities:

  • Improved Cognition and Memory. – This nootropic strengthens all areas of brain functionality. It has proven clinically and practically to improve memory and promote better and swifter recall. Regular users of this pure and powerful supplement are able to accomplish more with stronger levels of attention and focus. Individuals exhibiting symptoms of mild cognitive decline were able to show significant improvement in cognitive functions after just a few months of daily doses of Lion’s Mane.
  • Enhanced Brain Functionality. – People who take Lion’s Mane as a daily health and wellness supplement on an ongoing basis have better learning and motor abilities. They comprehend and retain new information more completely and faster than before regular use of this nootropic agent. They exhibit stronger resistance to external disruptions when processing data mentally, and they can focus more completely on intake of information and accomplishing tasks.

With use of Lion’s Mane, these individuals also have better neurotransmitter activity, promoting improved transmission of signals between the brain and nerve cells and improving the accuracy and speed of the body’s motor activity, which controls all coordination, balance and all physical movements and actions.

  • Increased Neuroprotection and Neurogenesis. – The effective ways in which this nootropic acts as a protector against nerve damage in the body and a treatment aid for such damage are fairly widely known today. Many people around the globe are aware of the capacity of Lion’s Mane to help prevent the onset of mild mental decline and early signs of dementia.

This natural brain enhancing substance has shown to help numerous users to improve all areas of brain activity impressively, enabling them to process and use information faster and more thoroughly. Users have also been able to perform work, study and daily activity tasks with greater levels of skill, understanding, speed and success. In addition, regular intake of Lion’s Mane, as directed, has shown to improve rates of neurogenesis in the body.

More than a dozen research studies have produced results showing that Lion’s Mane promotes neurogenesis, or the production of neurons, in the body, which supports lasting brain health improvement. A Tohoku University study conducted in 2008 examined effects of these nootropic mushrooms on nerve cell development.

Study results revealed the surprising truth that out of the many known mushroom varieties today, Lion’s Mane is the only type capable of promoting nerve tissue generation or repair. Once digested in the body, this valuable mushroom initiates the production of specific enzymes that in turn release NGF and myelin, the protective nerve sheath that also aids nerve repairs.¹

  • Other Health Benefits. – Because Lion’s Mane is among the few rare nootropics know today with the capacity to stimulate NGF in the body, it is now being viewed as a potential treatment aid for such diseases and disorders as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and dementia. Lion’s Mane has also been shown to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression after a few weeks of regular doses.

This intriguing nootropic mushroom has been used since the days of ancient Chinese medicine to alleviate stomach ailments, due to its high content of minerals as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This unique mushroom also detoxifies the body and enhances immune system activity and can be helpful to controlling blood sugar levels and alleviating some heart problems.

How It Works

Lion’s Mane supplements work in a very different manner from most other nootropic agents. While the majority of smart drugs modulate or alter varied neurotransmitters, Lion’s Mane boosts the levels of NGF in the brain. There are two separate compounds that compose Lion’s Mane, which are hericenones and erinacines.

Together, these compounds cause the generation of NGF. It is fortunate that Lion’s Mane is very low in molecular weight, which facilitates its crossing of the blood-brain barrier in the body to release NGF. As the brain then begins producing NGF, users of this nootropic will start to experience better cognitive activity.

Another way in which the NGF takes action within the body is by repairing cellular damage with myelination, which is the protective fatty sheath that surround neurons and enables them to transmit signals throughout the nervous system. Through this rejuvenation of neurons by the myelination, patients with such diseases as Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis can actually experience some levels of improvement.


The recommended safe and effective dosage of Lion’s Mane is dependent on the strength of the extract. If you obtain the 10:1 extract with 30 percent content of polysaccarides, which is the most commonly sold strength today, your recommended dose will be within the range of 500 to 3,000 mg. per day. Although a higher dosage is not likely to cause adverse effects, there is no proof that consuming more than 3,000 mg. daily will increase your benefits.

When shopping for your Lion’s Mane supplement, it is a good idea to research different brands to be sure you purchase one that has used a combination of hot water and alcohol in the extraction process of this natural substance. Brands that use this dual extraction method offer a Lion’s Mane product that can supply you with all the benefits of its natural components. You want to receive all possible benefits, such as the effects of NGF activity and the promotion of neuroprotection.

Side Effects

There have been some reports of minor side effects to taking regular daily doses of Lion’s Mane, such as headaches, occasional periods of increased heartbeat rate and itchy skin. However, this itching may be the effect of an increased about of Nerve Growth Factor in your body, which indicates good activity of your Lion’s Mane supplement. This pure, organic brain support aid has been tested and shown to produce no signs of toxicity in the body.

Closing Thoughts

Although there are many high quality nootropics on the natural supplements market today for enhancing and supporting brain functions, the only one with the capacity to stimulate NGF generation and repair cellular damage is Lion’s Mane. This pure, organic and empowering supplement can improve the cognitive functions of people who are in good health and those who have diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or MS.

Some people suffering from these diseases receive encouragement from using Lion’s Mane since there are no currently known cures for these debilitating diseases, and Lion’s Mane doses can bring some improvement in symptoms. For those people who are in good health and are searching for a safe, effective natural supplement to enhance cognitive activity and memory, Lion’s Mane is an excellent, pure solution.



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